Presentation of free antidetect by Vektor T13 (English).

BIOS, hardware, OS, browser fingerptints spoofing. Virtual machine detection protection.

AntiVM tests:
2. Al-khaser
4. ScoopyNG
5. MachineID

Spoof Device ID, Vendor Id/ Fake Device ID, Vendor Id
Spoof BIOS manufacturer, version, date etc./ Fake BIOS manufacturer, version, date etc.
Spoof ACPI tables values/ Fake ACPI tables values
Spoof Firmware version, revision, date, serial, model etc. / Fake Firmware version, revision, date, serial, model etc.
Spoof GPU/ Fake GPU

OS fingerprints spoofing: Username, Hostname, Current windows build, Current windows build number, Windows build lab, BuildLabEx, BuildGuid, CryptoMachineGuid, DeviceGuid, CKCL Guid, HardwareProfileGuid, WMIGuid, EDGE Guid, InstallDate, ProductID, WindowsUpdateClientID, STI Connected ID, STI Disconnected ID, STI Email ID, STI Fax ID, STI Print ID, STI Scan ID, STI ProxyEvent, IE ProductID, IE KBNumber, IE Install date, VolumeID, MAC adress, HardwareGUID, NetworkAdapterGUID.

Browser fingerprints:
Spoof Canvas fingerprint/ Fake Canvas fingerprint
Spoof WebGL fingerprint/ Fake WebGl fingerprint
Spoof WebGL vendor/ Fake WebGL vendor
Spoof WebGL renderer/ Fake WebGL renderer
Spoof WebGL extensions
Spoof WebRTC DeviceID fingerprint/ Fake WebRTC DeviceID fingerprint
Spoof AudioContext fingerprint/ Fake AudioContext fingerprint
Spoof Flac Audio fingerprint/ Fake Flac Audio fingerprint
Spoof UserAgent/ Fake UserAgent
Spoof screen size CSS
Spoof Ubercookie/ Fake Ubercookie
Spoof CSS UUID fingerprint/ Fake CSS UUID fingerprint

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