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  1. It doesn't seem to work with World of Warcraft or any other games sadly. It says there needs to be some sort of "3D acceleration". How do I pass through my graphics card, is it even possible at all? Would appreciate any help.

  2. I have a problem using Paranoid fish

    [*] Checking the difference between CPU timestamp counters (rdtsc) forcing VM exit … traced!

    [*] Using mouse activity … traced!

    [*] Checking operating system uptime using GetTickCount() … traced!

    Is this safe for games?

    If it is not security, I want tools and any of your own products to make the system, or I want a copy of the imaginary system you are using. I want to use games. Note that the ryzen 3900x has a processor.

    I want the system for games, the game is installed in the virtual meaning , but it cannot be opened (cannot run under virtual machine)

    Can you communicate with me. Or, how can I contact you ????

    Finally, … I am sorry if I find spelling errors …. The error is from Google Translate ^^

  3. Sir, I tested cloned machines as you showed on your other video with WebGL and AudioContext (dynamic compressor). It returns the same hash on different clones. In WebGL I got Unmasked Renderer: ANGLE (Microsoft Basic Render Driver Direct3D11 vs_5_0 ps_5_0) and WebGL Report/Image Hash in both machines the same and in audiocontext fingerprint I got the same sum/hash of buffer values. I've installed different video drivers. I think there is my problem with anonimity. Could you help me to spoof it?

    1. I tested it in different way — no cloning VMs, but install two. Now WebGL returns different hashes, but audio fingerprint is still the same on both VMs :/

  4. How to download Antidetect OWASP rev.05 ? You can send me the link ? Thank you .

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